Market Research

Market Research

Are you interested in the Market Research? Market research is the process of evaluating the viability of a new service or product through research conducted directly with potential customers. It allows a company to define its target market and get opinions and other feedback from consumers about their interest in a product or service. So,sign-up for the Business programme Market Research.


Market researchers collect and analyse data and information to help their clients make informed political, social and economic decisions. As a market researcher, you'll specialise in collecting, analysing and presenting either quantitative or qualitative research. Most market researchers are employed by marketing agencies, where work is carried out on numerous projects for different companies and industries. Sometimes market researchers are employed directly by a company (known as client-side), where they collect information on customer opinions, investment and marketing trends.

What makes this training so interesting?
- Classroom and/or online education (Blended Learning) and exam training;
- This unit gives an exemption within MBO4 and BTEC3 courses;
- Good balance between theory and practice: direct application;
- Motivated fellow students;
- Teachers from practice;
- Afternoon and evening lectures: part of working time and own time;
- Start and end of lectures outside rush hours;
- College building very easily accessible by public transport;
- Trained at Kronenburgh? Then you make the difference!

In short, all the advantages of private education: a solid education.


This unit you will develop your research skills and your understanding of the role marketing information plays in identifying and satisfying customers’ needs.
You will examine the purpose and type of market research undertaken in a business, consider the objectives of the research and the processes followed. You will plan and undertake a research activity using the most appropriate design and sampling method. You will analyse and interpret market research data and present your findings. You will use this knowledge to make recommendations for improvements to the market research process for a selected business.
This unit will give you an insight into the importance of collecting and interpreting marketing information as a tool for making wider marketing decisions, and enable you to make an informed choice on the suitability of this marketing area as a possible employment or training opportunity.

In this unit you will:
A Examine the types of market research used in business
B Plan and implement a market research activity to meet a specific marketing objective
C Analyse and present market research findings and recommend process


There are no entry requirements, but the best prior education is Marketing Basics.

We provide training at MBO4+ / HAVO4-5 level.


You can participate in the Kronenburgh exams. You will receive a Kronenburgh certificate for the exams passed. These certificates provide an exemption within the programmes Medewerker Marketing / Online Marketeer KBC4 and the programme Medewerker Marketing / Online Marketeer MBO4.


Lecture times
13.30-20.50: 3 tutorials in the afternoon and 3 tutorials in the evening. A 10-minute break after each seminar. After the first 3 tutorials there is a big break and many students take a walk through the historic center of The Hague.

College days: on Tuesdays.

Duration of training: 3 lecture days and exam moment.

Start: Thursday December 5, 2024.

Classroom and/or online: Blended Learning
We provide the training in class in our building in The Hague. It is also possible to follow the lecture days online via Zoom.

Link to the lecture schedule: 2024-2025

Time investment
Keep in mind that every half-day lecture requires at least one half-day preparation / homework; this is separate from the study time in preparation for the exam.

Participation in all lecture days is important. Practice shows that absence stands in the way of successful completion of a module and study delay is incurred and additional training costs are incurred.



Contact hours
3 lecture days of 6 lecture hours per lecture day + 1.5 hours for exams comes to a total of 19.5 contact hours.

Tuition and literature

Collegegeld € 545,00
Index Books € 45,00
Totaal € 590,00

Invoicing takes place via It is possible that the bibliography is adjusted and therefore prices change or that additional material costs are charged.

You bring your own laptop with the OfficeSuite (Word, PowerPoint and Excel).

Nice bonus
- No registration fees;
- No VAT on tuition fees;
- No arrangement costs;
- No repro rights costs.

Does the government pay?
An employer can set off the training costs of employees for tax purposes.

Meer informatie?

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